China is keen to invest in food processing besides forming joint ventures in areas of clothing, dyeing and embroidery, said Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) President SM Naveed.

Speaking at a PCJCCI think tank on Friday, Naveed said that with Chinese assistance to Pakistan’s food and clothing sectors, the country could enhance competitiveness and add value to the existing standards of production.

He added that joint ventures between the two countries would prove to be vital for increasing cooperation and regional connectivity.

“Pakistan ranks among top 10 countries in food production but due to lack of technology and high post-harvest losses, it is unable to expand the export base of its food items,” he said.

“Transfer of food processing technology from China to Pakistan will widen the export base by reducing costs.”

PCJCCI Senior Vice President Daud Ahmed highlighted that there were vast prospects of development in fields of fruit processing, spices, marine food, clothing, wood work, re-modified vehicles, automotive spare parts, power tools, medical equipment and condiments.

PCJCCI Secretary General Salahuddin Hanif said that the chamber would arrange visits of Chinese delegations to different food processing units of Pakistan including herbal health products and horticulture processing.

“Chinese businessmen have keen interest in food and herbal products of Pakistan,” he said. “We will send samples of these products to market them in China.”

There was enormous scope for joint ventures in the Chinese eastern medicine system with Pakistani expertise, he said.